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A Horn Pets approved product is simply the best of the best, HAUTEST of the HAUTEST, thing of its kind, available on the market today!!!

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Most Useful Products for Dogs and Cats

Is your product the prettiest, the strongest, the most functional, the best crafted the biggest, the smallest, or the all around HAUTEST thing in its category? If so; we want to know about it! Let us know why your thing is so great, we want documentation, facts, figures, spreadsheets, graphs, charts, and scientific evidence, or at the very least a note from your mother, explaining the features benefits, and differences between your thing and all the other things like it on the market!

K9 Advantix and Frontline Plus

Advantix or Frontline?

Two of the most effective products for killing fleas and ticks on your dog. Click here advantixvsfrontline.com for a comparison of K9 Advantix II and Frontline Plus. Both are great but one might be better for you than the other, depending on where you live and some other factors.


This HAUTE product is for hu-mans… YEAH!!!
The best damn anti-bacterial hand soap ever, and with a house full of pets who doesn’t need that!!!


Teddy Tank
Teddy Bear + Fish Bowl = Teddy Tank
One of the HAUTEST products we’ve seen this season!!! A perfect holiday gift for all the hu-kids in your life… and our hands down choice for the HorN Pets “Seal of Hauteness”

Catty Stacks

Marvin said “I was dubious when a box with boxes in it arrived.” Now Catty Stacks are some of his ‘HAUTEST Things’!!! Ours too!!!

A drivers license, for your pet!!! It’s one of the HAUTEST things you never knew your pet needed!!! That’s why we have decided to honor it with the HorN Pets… Seal of Hauteness!!!
Careers For Your CAT
Careers for Your Cat by Ann Dziemianowicz is one of the wittiest, funniest, and HAUTEST cat-centric books this year!!!
Sun Horse Halters
Sun Horse Halters are Haute because they come in a wide variety of fun patterns and bright colors. Your horse has never been so fashionable!
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